Northside Lanes

GRILLE & DINING ROOM are now OPEN (336-725-3296)!! Temporary Hours will be Monday-Saturday 11am-7pm only. JOIN US! Stay tuned, keep the faith! #bowlnorthside

3550 N. Patterson Ave.   Winston-Salem, NC 27105 


(336) 725-7566       336-725-3296 (Grille)


King of the Hill- EVERY Monday morning after league (around 11:15am)

$5.00 Entry (all Prize Fund) + Pay Counter for Games bowled after being eliminated

Cut 1/3 of the Field after each game, 3 total games. If 9 or less bowlers, it is a 2 game, high series wins tournament. Ties at/below the cut line are eliminated. 100% of Prize Fund is returned. No Practice, Scratch, Singles, Youth ARE allowed & earn scholarship funds.

All events are POSTPONED due to current Executive Orders! Stay tuned