Northside Lanes

3550 N. Patterson Ave.   Winston-Salem, NC 27105 

(336) 725-7566       336-725-3296 (Grille)

At Northside Lanes, we make league bowling a great way to improve your game while having lots of fun. You don't have to be good, you just need to have FUN! All ages & abilities are welcome! ~BowlNorthside~

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VIP: The more you bowl, the more FREE stuff we give back to you. Bowl in 3 leagues & practice for $1/game. See the front counter for details, restrictions apply.

Bowl Lotto Week #1082: thru March 6, 2021

653: Mark Borre $217

Jackpot $217 & growing!

When the Lotto has reached $1,000 participants are eligible to win a portion of the fund by matching 2 out of 3 numbers. See the front counter for details. Good Luck!

STRIKEPOT : $2,840

Both are only $1.00 to enter 

Our leagues accept new bowlers at any time, register by phone at 336-725-7566 or e-mail: 

Summer Plan 2021: All end August 15-21, 2021


Monday AM Doubles at 11 AM, pays $13/week, 2 per team- Meet April 5th, Start April 12th

Golden Age (Seniors 55 & older) at 1pm, pays $8/week, 3 per team- Meet April 5th, Start April 12th

Monday Evening Doubles at 6:25pm, pays $12/week, 2 adults per team- Meet April 5th, Start April 12th

Monday Youth/Adult at 6:30pm, pays $8/week, 2 youth/1 adult per team- Meet April 5th, Start April 12th


D&S Doubles at 11am, pays $10/week, 2 adults per team- Meet April 6th, Start April 13th

*Sport* Singles at 6:20pm, pays $20/week, Sport shot, Singles, Regressive Points, High Game included in weekly fees & pays out each week- Meet AND START April 20th


No-Tap Fun Lunch at Noon, pays $8/week, singles, time subject to change-  Meet April 7th, Start April 14th

Mystery Doubles at 6:00pm, pays $9/week, draw for partner, if you win-move left, if you lose-move right; Drop in anytime, start time changes Mrach 31st


Rise & Shine at 11am, pays $8/week, 2 ladies per team- Meet April 8th, Start April 15th

Thursday Evening Mixed at 6:15pm, pays $12/week, 4 per team, team handicap- Meet May 6th, Start May 13th

Tab's Doubles at 9pm, pays $12/week, 2 adults, limited handicap- Meet May 6th, Start May 13th* Depending on curfew


Funtimers at 11am, pays $8/week, 3 per team ages 55 & older *Best SENIOR league in town*- Meet April 23rd, Starts April 30th, welcome to join when you are ready

Saturday: See Youth Page for details. Only $8/week New youth are welcome ANYTIME! Started Spring season Jan. 9th. Summer Starts May 22nd


Moonlighters at 6:30pm, pays $13/week, 2 adults per team- Meet April 25th, Start May 2nd

Please email us at or call 336-725-7566 with any suggestions. Spread the word & let's have some FUN!