Northside Lanes

3550 N. Patterson Ave.   Winston-Salem, NC 27105 

(336) 725-7566       336-725-3296 (Grille)


Northside Lanes Youth Program

We are dedicated to providing a safe, fun, alcohol-free venue for children of all ages to enjoy bowling.  ALL youth league bowlers will receive college scholarship money at the end of each short season.  Our youth leagues teach team-work, build self-confidence, have certified coaches,  provide plenty of opportunities to earn awards, and have flexible schedules able to accommodate other sports. NSL Youth Leagues cost only $9/week (effective 2024) with a $25 Registration Fee (once per year).  New youth are welcome anytimeYouth leagues allow individual pre-bowls & post-bowls as a team to work around your busy schedule. Spread the word & join the FUN!

Youth only at 11am, Youth/Adult at 1pm.  Fall Open House is August 17th, starting August 24th with plenty of room to grow!

Saturday Summer Youth/Adult is 12 teams of 3 that started June 1st with plenty of room to grow!


Congratulations to NSL Head Coach Tracy Golding for being inducted into the NCUSBC Hall of Fame AND our Boys Scratch Team for Winning the NC Youth Championship with scores that ranked them 4th in the NATION for 2018-2019 Season. Join the FUN, any Saturday! We'd love to have you!

WHY should we teach bowling in schools? Click here for a few answers
PLEASE go over these Safety & Etiquette notes BEFORE your first field trip

Teachers, need some educational lesson plans or worksheets to justify your field trip? Click any of the links below:

Teach any grade to KEEP SCORE, Practice Keeping Score with grades 3-8, Enhance math & bowling skills with Bowling BINGO, explanation here, Bowling BINGO Cards are here, Teach bowling in any class or gym for grades K-8 here , Click here to work on Action VERBS using bowling terms for grades 3-5, Click here for a Hidden Message Lesson (critical thinking) for grades 6-8, Click here for practice with Fractions & Decimals, grades 6-8, Click here for practice with Percentage & Ratios, grades 6-8, Click here for the Bowling for Dollars Task Sheet, grades 6-8, Have some Fun with Bowling for Dollars, a team assignment for grades 6-8


Northside Lanes Youth Fall/Spring Leagues:

Little Taz: Only $5/week: Beginner youth bowlers only!  Ages 2+.  Bumper Bowling. 2 games a week, starting at 11am.

Northside Elite: Only $8/week:No bumpers. Youth up to age 18. 3 games a week, starting at 11AM, 3 per team.

Saturday Youth/Adult: Only $8/week: Great for parents/grandparents/family friends and kids to bowl together.  No bumpers. 3 games a week, starting at 1 PM. 3 per team- 2 youth & 1 adult (preferred)

Youth Groups: Group discounts are available! (Postponed due to COVID restrictions)

Kids' meals are available

  • Automatic bumpers able to raise & lower for each player
  • Shoe sizes from 8 in toddlers' to 17 in mens'
  • Light-weight bowling balls, ball and wheelchair ramp available for anyone needing extra assistance
  • Full arcade with a change machine
  • Jukebox with over a million "clean" song choices
  • Laser Bowling, Lock- Ins & Fund raisers
  • We are proud system-wide partners with the WSFC schools & welcome the opportunity to work with any group of young people.
Contact Tabitha for more details & specific rates: 336-725-7566 or . We would LOVE to have you!